Buckle Up your patriotic spirit with this Independence occasion

Buckle Up your patriotic spirit with this Independence Occasion

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The 4th of July is a federal holiday in the United States of America as this whole nation is busy with Independence Day celebrations. On this day all 13 colonies united themselves to form a single nation. This day celebrates American values such as political freedom. On this day every citizen tries to do something patriotic in hopes of catching the spirit of the day. On behalf of independence day government offices enjoy a day off and private businesses and companies also grant holidays to their employees. This day is filled with red, white, and blue with echoes of the national anthem on every street.

Hardships That Laid the Foundation of Our Independence

History is witness to all the sacrifice and hardships which led the 13 colonies to demand their independence from Great Britain and unite together as one nation. In the summer of 1776, the rivalry between the colonies and the British made the colonies bring together a Continental Congress in Philadelphia. During a session on 7th June, Richard Henry Lee came forward with a resolution in Pennsylvania State House which later came to be referred to as the Independence Hall. This resolution was not followed up straight away but it laid the premise of independence. Consideration of the resolution was postponed by the vote of seven to five. Hence, a committee of five was established to draft a statement to present to the whole world. The responsibility to draft the document fell onto the shoulders of Thomas Jefferson of Virginia. Debates on Jefferson’s documents resulted in some changes within the document but the main concept of the declaration remained the same. This debate continued on 3rd July and on 4th July the declaration was adopted. This document stated that they are no longer a part of England and will continue to live as a separate nation.

How can we Celebrate Independence Day?

This day is all about celebrating freedom, there are many patriotic things to do on this day and live the spirit of independence. Get a copy of the declaration and read it to your children so that they can know about the hard work and sacrifice of our founding fathers. Many buildings are decorated with red, white, and blue and hoisting America’s national flag. Screen movies related to this and invite your friends or family to your place. Saving Codes provides you with independence day deals on dedicated movies so you can buy them at a low price. People all over America honor this day with patriotic enthusiasm and energy.

Enjoy a good baseball game

After the Civil War, Baseball became a popular sport. It is one of the most widely played sports nowadays and it has become an independence day tradition. Major league baseball games are scheduled on this as a number of people come to see this game or watch live telecast from their homes. Many people participate in these games and many people just come to enjoy the sight of it while eating hot dogs. Baseball becomes a platform for many people to become one and take enjoy this beautiful day.

Lighting the Sky with Fireworks

Let’s take a walk into the history with canyons firing to celebrate the day of independence, lighting up the night sky. In present times, fireworks have become a new tradition to celebrate the explosive attribute of this day. Keeping in mind the safety of people, some states have banned fireworks and in some states use of large fireworks is restricted. Fireworks can be quite expensive, you can get the best deals and coupons on them to reduce your cost giving you a chance to become a part of this occasion and illuminate the night.

Going to the beach with friends

Going to the beach with your friends is a good way to celebrate this day. Many people visit the beach as a token to remember that day. Many of the fun and games are held on beaches so everyone can enjoy them. Some of the traditional games are hotdog eating contests, ring rolls, bottle rocket tags, and many more. Saving codes provide you with independence day offers and deals so you can purchase everything you need at low rates and cool off with your friends on this summer evening.

Reuniting with Your Family

Many of us are distant from our loved ones, this day is an opportunity for us to unite with them and celebrate this day with freedom and joy. Saving codes provides you with multiple deals on your favorite stores so you can send your loved one a present to appreciate them share your patriotic spirit with them.

Barbeque Party in Your Backyard

Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to your backyard and fire up the grill to have a smoky barbeque on behalf of this day. You can avail exclusive deals on barbeque grills and many more items with Saving Codes helping you save money on your purchase. You can spend quality time with your family and friends and celebrate independence day with smoky flavors.

Become Part of National Parade

It is a national holiday that is associated with many patriotic displays. Bands playing and streets filled with people cheering with excitement. Big balloons related to this event, small stalls providing information about our history to our young ones. Everyone gets dressed up for this occasion, getting their face painted with the national flag and singing national songs. All individuals from ethnic and religious backgrounds unite themselves as a single nation and live in the spirit of independence.

Humble Wishes on this independence day

This day is filled with a rich history of how we became a single nation. We wish you Happy Independence Day from the deepest corners of our hearts. We invite you to our portal and avail all the independence day deals and coupons on all your favorite stores to help you shop for all the things you need and save money so you can enjoy this day with the spirit of freedom and happiness.

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